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Cheese Cloth Bag

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Easily drain your cheese or plant-based milk with this reusable cotton cheese bag!

It's your best bet for making cheese, kefir cheese, yogurt spread, Greek yogurt, or draining whey from any other fermented food.

It can also be used as a vegetable milk bag to separate the nut or grain pulp from the liquid.

More durable than a cheesecloth, our reusable cheese bag is made of strong, lint-free, food-grade unbleached cotton.

The cheese making cloth’s fine mesh allows for efficient filtering, and its wide opening allows to easily fill it.

This cheese making bag is an alternative to cheesecloths that you will use for a long time!

How to Use the Cheese Bag

  1. Sterilize in boiling water.
  2. Place the bag in a container.
  3. Fill with yogurt, curd, or any other food that needs draining.
  4. Close the bag by pulling the strings.
  5. Suspend the bag and let it drain (about 8 hours, depending on the recipe).
  6. Once used, rinse and place in the washing machine. We recommend an additional rinse cycle to remove any soap residue.


  • Material: unbleached food-grade cotton
  • Size: 30cm (12") x 30cm (12")
  • Machine washable

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