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Complete Fermented Pickle Kit

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Make crunchy, tasty pickles at home with this DIY fermented pickle making kit!

The Cultures for Health Fermented Pickle Kit includes everything you need to successfully ferment pickles at home.

Simply add pickling cucumbers and seasonings, and let it ferment!

Why make regular pickles when you can make a delicious, tangy fermented version full of health benefits?

Lacto-fermentation (vegetables fermentation) creates new vitamins while providing bacteria that is good for your gut.

The Complete Fermented Pickle Making Kit includes:

  • Half gallon glass fermentation jar (2L)
  • Lid fitted with an airlock
  • Large ceramic fermentation weights
  • Celtic sea salt
  • Recipe cards

This fermentation kit is also ideal for kimchi, sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables.

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  • Includes:
    • Sturdy half-gallon glass jar
    • Plastic lid fitted with a rubber grommet (BPA-free)
    • Fermentation airlock
    • Ceramic fermentation weight (3.75" in diameter)
    • 1/4 lb Celtic sea salt
    • Recipe cards
  • Dimensions:
    • Jar height: 6.3" (9.8" with bubbler)
    • Jar diameter: 5.5"
    • Mouth diameter: 4.3"
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