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Pickle Pipe - Fermentation Airlock Lids for Mason Jars

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Meet the Pickle Pipe silicone airlock lid, the best ally for your fermentation needs!

The Pickle Pipe's patented technology allows you to simply put the lid on your fermenting jars and then forget about them.

Made of a single piece of BPA and phthalate-free silicone, this fermentation airlock has a valve that allows gases to escape easily, while protecting food from oxygen and impurities.

No more need to monitor your fermenting vegetables projects daily to remove excess gas or check the brine level. The Pickle Pipe will certainly make your job easier!

Less expensive than a full airlock, the Pickle Pipe fermentation lid will also save you space.



  • 4 one-piece airlock fermentation lids
  • Made of BPA and phthalate-free silicone
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fits all kinds of jars: Mason, Ball, Kerr, Bernardin, Fido and more
  • Available in 2 sizes: regular or wide-mouth
  • Secures with a regular screw band (not included)

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