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750ml Swing Top Glass Bottles (Case of 12)

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Easily carbonate your fermented drinks with these foolproof swing-top glass fermentation bottles!

These 750ml bottles are made of resistant transparent glass, with a swing top-style cap that can withstand high pressure.

Swing-top (or flip-top) bottles are ideal for bottling sparkling beverages such as beer, kombucha, kefir, mead, cider, etc.

The high quality of the glass and the swing-top cap give it excellent pressure resistance, up to 16 Bars or 232 PSI.

The leakproof closure system with fasteners also perfectly conserves flavours.

Make a fizzy kombucha every time with these high-quality swing-top bottles!



  • Case of 12 high-quality transparent glass bottles with durable swing-top closure
  • Volume: 750 ml
  • Excellent pressure resistance (up to 16 Bars, or 232 PSI)

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