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About Us

Here, our ideas are constantly on the move. We want to make your cooking exciting and sparklingly healthy. We want to restore the power of nature to reveal the full potential of your food, with simplicity, as if by magic.

For you, we nurture the imagination. We fuel your cooking projects. We stimulate your creativity. With a little patience and some ferments, let's give it a try!

We dream of a world in which food ferments in every kitchen. To achieve this goal, we share the pleasure of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Our Mission

We are an impact-driven company. Every decision we make, every product we create, and every piece of advice we share are all geared towards fulfilling our mission of 'Popularizing home fermentations with quality products and advice from passionate people.'

Through our online stores and educational platform, we aim to integrate fermentation into kitchens around the world.

Sebastien Bureau, David Coté, Jean-Luc Henry, Bartelemy Glumineau

Founders of Revolution Fermentation

Sparkling Culinary Solutions

Because we want the best for you, your family, and your taste buds, Revolution Fermentation offers a wide range of culinary solutions to facilitate your home fermentation projects.

With exceptional quality cultures and equipment, as well as guides, recipes, to have fun and to cook with and videos that make a big difference, we have all the tools you need to experiment with ease, to have fun, and to cook with effervescence!


Our Story

Revolution Fermentation was created in 2018 by people who are passionate about fermentation, health food, and culinary revolutions.

Jean-Luc and his wife Geneviève have always been active in the field of sustainable food. Fervent supporters of fermentation, they were motivated to popularise this ancestral process and have a positive impact on the world around them.

At the same time, David Côté (Loop juice and Rise Kombucha) and Sébastien Bureau (Mannanova Solutions and Rise Kombucha) launched the popular book "Revolution Fermentation".

Their paths crossed with Jean-Luc's, and they decided to join forces (along with Barthelemy Glumineau) to launch the Revolution Fermentation online store.

Launched in Waterville, in Quebec, Canada, the company has opened a new warehouse in France in fall 2021. Jean-Luc's home continues to be the hub of alchemical experiments, much to the delight of his family!

But then again, to be honest... Revolution Fermentation was actually created by a coalition of microorganisms, in order to accelerate their colonization of humans! *(evil laughter)

And of course, we are not alone in this adventure! We have been fortunate to benefit from the support of several friends, coaches, and organizations such as the Espace Inc. accelerator, the RCM and SADC of Coaticook.


Our Values

Taking Care of People

Both in our team and the support we provide to our clients, the human element (factor) remains at the centre of our concerns.

We care as much about the success and happiness of our clients as we do about the development of our team.

Taking Care of the Planet

Reducing waste at source, sustainability of products offered, recyclable and compostable packaging... We aim not only to reduce our ecological footprint but also to be a positive force for the sustainable regeneration of ecosystems.


We are curious and constantly learning and experimenting with the vast world of fermentation. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but you can count on us to stay on the cutting edge of knowledge!


For us, eating is above all a pleasure! Fermented foods are known for their health benefits, but they also have the power to bring joy and a little magic into our kitchen. After all, it's all about the microorganisms that cook for us!

Free Sharing of Knowledge

We firmly believe in the power of sharing and spreading knowledge. That's why, unless otherwise stated, all of our texts, guides, recipes, and videos fall under the Creative Commons "Attribution-ShareAlike" license.

You are therefore free to share our content (except our photos) under the following conditions:

  • Credit Revolution Fermentation as the original source and
  • Apply the same license to the shared content.

Given that our content is frequently updated, we recommend including a direct link to the original content. For more details, please refer to the terms of the CC BY-SA license.

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