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4 Lids With Airlock (Regular Mouth)

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Use your own jars for your fermentation recipes with these regular mouth airlock fermentation lids!

No need to monitor your jars during fermentation. With an airlock, the process is much easier.

The 3-piece airlock is an effective device that allows gas to escape, while preventing oxygen from entering your jar.

It creates an anaerobic environment, ideal for lacto-fermentation.

These fermentation lids fit all regular mouth jars (Mason, Ball, etc.).

To use the airlock, simply fill it with water or alcohol to the “Fill level” line. It comes apart in 3 pieces for easy cleaning.




  • 4 3-piece airlocks
  • 4 ⅜" rubber grommets
  • 4 pierced plastic lids suitable for standard openings

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