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Fermentation Cloth Cover With Rubber Bands

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This lovely cotton cover is an ideal kombucha jar cover and also works as a general fermentation cloth cover. 

Covering your fermentations with a cover is essential for protecting your creations from contamination, while letting the air flow.

Secure the fermentation cloth over your jar with the rubber band (included) to protect the contents from mould, impurities and pesky insects (we’re looking at you, fruit flies!)

Very useful for fermentations that require oxygen (aerobic), such as kombucha, kefir, vinegar, yogurt, ginger bug, cheese and more.

This usable and breathable fermentation cloth will promote optimal airflow while securely protecting your creations (as opposed to a cheesecloth, which can let fruit flies through). Choose only the best cloth for covering your kombucha and fermentations!

The rubber bands are sturdy and fit most jars.


  • Size: 25 x 25 cm (10x10'')
  • Contains:
    • One 100% cotton cloth
    • Two rubber bands

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