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1 Gallon Glass Carboy Fermenter

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This glass carboy with an airlock is perfect for fermenting wine, beer, mead, cider, and other types of alcohol.

This 1gallon (3.8L) capacity glass jug is fitted with a 3-piece airlock and a pierced lid.

The airlock (bubbler) is essential for any fermentation requiring an oxygen-free closed environment, such as alcoholic fermentation.

To prevent air and bacteria from entering the 1-gallon fermenter while allowing carbon dioxide (CO2) to escape, fill the airlock to the "Fill line" level and insert it into the lid.

The airlock disassembles into 3 pieces for easy cleaning.

This small volume glass carboy will also suit those who wish to prepare a large quantity of yeast starter or to experiment with different beer or wine recipes and flavours.




  • 1 gallon (3.8L) clear glass carboy with handle
  • Pierced rubber lid #6
  • 3-piece airlock

Size when assembled: 16.5 x 40cm / 6.5 x 15.75in

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