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Wooden Fermentation Tamper

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With this wooden fermentation tamper, you can easily pack the vegetables into your jars to prepare sauerkraut, salsa, kimchi, and other fermented vegetables!

In lacto-fermentation (vegetable fermentation), it is essential to pack the ingredients well to eliminate air bubbles and submerge the vegetables in brine. Keeping the vegetables submerged is the key to success!

Easily pack vegetables with this Masontops Pickle Packer fermentation tamper, nothing else in your kitchen can do it as well.

Choose the right nozzle for the mouth of your jar (standard or wide opening).

Made of genuine acacia wood, this fermentation pestle is beautiful enough to leave in plain sight!



  • Height: 25cm (10 inches)
  • Width at base: 6cm (2.5 inches)
  • Wood: acacia

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