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Mamma Kombucha (Kombucha SCOBY)

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Make your own homemade kombucha with this kombucha starter culture! It's easy, affordable and so delicious.

Includes a premium quality kombucha SCOBY and liquid culture, made in Canada from certified organic tea and sugar.

Save money! No need to buy kombucha - you can make your own for a fraction of the price and experiment with all the flavours.

Did you know that your kombucha SCOBY is endlessly reusable, and multiplies with every new recipe? Never run out of kombucha again, and share it with your family and friends!

100% satisfaction guaranteed, or we'll refund your money or send you a new kombucha mother.

Where else to buy a SCOBY than from fermentation specialists!


Kombucha Mother, Scoby, or Mushroom?

We call her Mamma Kombucha, but she is also known as SCOBY, kombucha mother, or mushroom... (We suggest you avoid this name because it is not a mushroom!)

Don't hesitate to give her a name, because your SCOBY is alive and well and the millions of microorganisms that compose her will appreciate your attention!


Making Kombucha Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Make a sweet tea and add your SCOBY and kombucha starter culture (the full content of the bag).
  2. Let it ferment at room temperature.
  3. Once the kombucha is to your liking, bottle it.

For more flavour, add juice or herbal tea before bottling. See our full recipe for homemade kombucha to learn more!



  • Ingredients: kombucha SCOBY and its liquid culture
  • Volume: 350ml
  • Origin: made in Canada from quality organic ingredients
  • GMO-free
  • Refrigerate until use (up to 6 months)

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Marianne Hansen

My Kombucha is fantastic. Thankyou


I haven't had much luck in the past with kombucha but this one worked great!

Love the product and the recipes from Revolution Fermentation

Coby Prieto
Recommend it

I used it already, works for me



Delicious, homemade kombucha

High quality scoby. Love making my own delicious kombucha, particularly because the prices add up so quickly when you buy kombucha at the store. Came quickly and in good condition. Very happy with my purchase!

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