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"The Big Book of Cidermaking" by Kirsten K. and Christopher Shockey

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Would you like to make your own cider at home?

Christopher and Kirsten K. Shockey, best-selling authors and renowned fermentation instructors bring their expertise to life in this most comprehensive cider brewing book.

With expert advice and clear, step-by-step instructions, "The Big Book of Cidermaking" provides the skills that readers need to make their own favourite cider, whether sweet, dry, fruity, farmhouse, hoppy, barrel-aged or fortified.

Years of experience in growing an orchard and producing cider have enabled the Shockeys to develop the best possible formula for cider making, whether it's made from freshly picked apples or store-bought juice.

This cider making book explores in depth the phases of fermentation, as well as the array of possible flavours and styles. It features cider recipes ranging from cornelian cherries to ginger, as well as different styles such as New England, Spanish and late season.

For those who want to use all the parts of the apple that remain after pressing, check out the vinegar recipe made from peels and cores.

This comprehensive and thoughtful guide (arguably the best cider making book!) will inspire all cider makers, from beginners looking for basic techniques to intermediate artisans wishing to expand their skills.

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About the Authors

Kirsten K. and Christopher Shockey are the co-authors of "Miso, Tempeh, Natto & Other Tasty Ferments," "Fiery Ferments" and "Fermented Vegetables."

The Shockeys began experimenting with fermentations on their farm, where they created and marketed over 40 fermented food recipes. Today, they are dedicated to teaching the art of vegetable fermentation through classes and workshops. They live on a 40-acre hillside farm in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon.



  • Publisher: Storey
  • Language: English
  • Released: September 1, 2020
  • Pages: 336
  • Size: 8 x 9 inches, paperback
  • ISBN: 9781635861136
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