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Kefirko Cheese Maker Kit

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Homemade cheese making is easy with the Kefirko Cheese Maker Kit!

The glass jar and its BPA-free certified sieve enables you to easily drain your milk or kefir to separate the whey.

Make a fresh and healthy homemade kefir cheese, full of probiotics and flavoured to your taste!

Use the kefir cheese maker kit to make a variety of cheeses and dairy products such as milk kefir cheese, mascarpone, mozzarella, ricotta and Greek yogurt.

It takes just 4 easy steps: pour, drain, flavour, serve!

Making Cheese Steps

The draining time will determine the consistency of the cheese:

  • A few hours for a cheese dip
  • Overnight for a creamy cheese
  • 1-2 days for a semi-hard cheese

making cheeze from milk kefir video

The 848ml Kefirko Cheese Maker Kit can make 200-300g of creamy cheese, and the 1,400ml Kefirko Cheese Maker Kit, 400-500g.



Marie-Claire Frederic

"I tried the Kefirko Cheese Maker and I am convinced by its extreme ease of use.

I used to take coffee filters or several layers of cheesecloth spread on a strainer. But either it was flowing from the top, it took too long to drain, or it drained too quickly and I lost a lot of kefir.

All you have to do is put the sieve on the glass jar, then pour your fermented kefir. Then wait for it to drain. My favourite recipe: add salt, pepper, garlic and chives."

-Marie-Claire Frédéric, author and journalist of "Ni Cru Ni Cuit"


The Kefirko Cheese Maker Includes

  • Glass jar: collects whey during draining process (848 ml or 1,400 ml)
  • Fine mesh sieve: for slow draining of the whey (height: 7.5 cm, or 13 cm / 3 or 5”)
  • Ring: fixes sieve to the jar and maximizes volume
  • Pressing spring: maximizes draining to make harder cheeses
  • Lid: protects the cheese during preparation
  • User manual
  • "Delicious Cheese Dishes" recipe booklet

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Excellent product. Works as expected. Quick shipping

Eileen B.
No fuss, no muss!

This system simplifies the cream cheese making process … makes it so easy. I really like that one can, amongst other things, use the whey to make a citrusy fermented drink which is quite tasty.

Easy to use

I love my Kefirko cheese maker. I use it a lot to make the cream cheese from my kefir. It is so easy to use. Great product!

Debra Adams
Kefirko Cheese Maker

This works wonderfully, everything done in one jar.

Yes, this is expensive, but, it works! I drank some of the whey last night and found that's where the sodium goes.

I'm not interested in making more than just cream cheese, doing it. Most of the recipes in the book are based on heating.

I'm sorry I bought these. Very easy cream cheese! It does not get easier than this.

Very good product

Quality container, which facilitates the execution of different cheeses and is easy to wash. I have the 800 ml and if it was again, I would take the largest (1400 ml).

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