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Water Kefir Grains

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Make your own delicious probiotic-rich fermented beverage with these high-quality dehydrated water kefir grains!

Easy to make, water kefir can be prepared in minutes using very few ingredients. It will be ready to drink in 24 to 48 hours! (see the full water kefir recipe)

It's also a very economical choice – buy water kefir grains just once, and they'll multiply endlessly.

Experiment with different fruits to flavour your water kefir. All you need are kefir grains (also called kefir crystals), water, and your imagination!

Water kefir is loaded with probiotics and contains less sugar than juice. Many people consider this sparkling fermented drink to be an excellent preventive and curative medicine.


Our Promise

  • Reusable – kefir grains will multiply endlessly if well-fed
  • Productive – lots of kefir to share with your loved ones!
  • Long shelf life – the dehydrated starter culture can be kept for 12 months
  • Make 1 to 2 litres per day from the start (more with every batch)
  • Make kefir from sugary water, fruit juice or coconut water. Experimenting with a water kefir culture is fun and educational!



  • Contains 12 grams of dehydrated active water kefir grains.
  • GMO-free
  • Other names: kefir crystals, water kefir starter, water kefir culture
  • Dehydrated culture can be kept for 12 months in the fridge in its original packaging.

To activate the dehydrated grains, see the rehydration instructions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Karen Contreras
Excellent product!

I bought the water kefir grains in November 2021, this is a really good product. I have been able to prepare different water kefir beverages and the grains continue growing after each preparation! Excellent product!

Geraldine Morito
Refreshing kefir drink

Extremely easy to make and seems to taste better with every batch.


My whole family has been loving the tibicos. We mix it with carbonated water to cut it a little, but the flavor is great. I add a fig and half a lemon for minerals, and it turns out really nice.

Easy fizzy drink for beginners

Craving sparkling carbonated all-natural water? Water kefir should be your go-to. Make large batches of fizzies in 3 days (4-5 days in the winter)!

I put a tablespoon of brown sugar with one cup of tap water, and stir to desolve. dump in 1 cup of the rehydrated kefir and two generous slices of lemon or any fruit of your choice (citrus fruits like grapefruit, orange, pomelo works well). I use a 1 gallon jar with temperature strips, ordered here, too. This process takes 1-2 days.

For second ferment (for extra fizz and flavour and colour), get a strainer and strain the now cloudy liquid in smaller jars (a jam jar is fine, too, if you are short on jars), put in new fruits (i put frozen strawberries, blueberries, whatever i can get ahold of in my pantry) and even dump in some fruit juice if you want for extra flavouring. The kefirs are happy when there's sugar, happy happy happy. Close the lid, and remember to burp them every 6 hrs because these little water kefirs are happy active fellas. This process takes 1-2 days.

At this point, your water kefirs should be living in a "hotel" in a fridge. I put them in a little container, water covering the top of the kefir grains and feed it a spoonful of sugar every week in the fridge to let them sleep.

p.s. follow fermentation revolution's instructions to rehydrate the grains when you first get them: hint, put the grains in normal temperature water for like 3 days in room temperature? scoop it up when they're plump!)

What a beautiful discovery!

My small grains of kefir were very easy to rehydrate and gave me liters and liters of tart and sparkling drink! They multiplied well over batches and I was able to share with my friends! I bought a lot of kombucha before, but not anymore! The fruit kefir perfectly fills my sparkling craving, and I can personalize my flavors :) Thanks for the tips!

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