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Triple scale hydrometer (alcohol)

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Determine the alcohol content of your fermented beverage and track its evolution with this triple scale alcohol hydrometer (ABV tester)!

Use this precise hydrometer for wine, beer, hard cider, mead, and other alcoholic fermentation.

To measure the alcohol content of the final product, simply compare the measurements taken before and after the fermentation process.

This alcohol hydrometer also allows you to check if your batch is ready for bottling.

It provides measurements on:

  • Specific gravity scale: 0,980 to 1,150
  • Sugar level: -60 to 340 g/Litre
  • Potential alcohol scale: 0 to 18%

Suggested to be used with a 10'' test jar (not included).



  • Height: 11 inches (28 cm)
  • Includes a rigid protective tube.

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