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Le Parfait Super jar (Pack of 6)

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The essential jar for fermenting!

Easily make your fermented vegetable recipes with these high-quality jars.

You can recognize Le Parfait jars by their metal frame and famous orange disc. A real guarantee of quality!

The lever closure system is ideal for making fermented vegetables, as it allows the CO2 to escape without the need for an additional system.

This glass jar is part of the Le Parfait Super line and has a rounded, slightly domed shape.

Its capacity 500ml (2 cups), or 1L (4 cups)  will make it easier to calculate your recipes.

A must-have in your fermentation, and canning arsenal!


  • Contains: 6 Le Parfait Super jars (500ml, or 1L)
  • Diameter: 85mm
  • Closing mechanism with metal frame and 100% natural rubber washer (reusable seal between each fermentation, to be replaced between each sterilization)
  • Made in France

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