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Organic Dehulled Soybeans

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This organic soybean is dehulled and split to make tempeh and other recipes easier.

Our soybeans are high quality organic beans. Rinse them quickly, and you can start soaking right away!

The use of dehulled soybeans makes tempeh preparation easier, as it eliminates the dehulling step (15 to 30 minutes per recipe).

Dehulled soybeans are also very popular for making various recipes (fermented or not), such as soups, soy milk, soy yogurt, tofu, miso, shoyu, and tamari sauce.

Our dehulled organic soybeans are bagged in 1 kg packs, producing 2 kg of tempeh.


  • Ingredient: yellow soybeans from organic farming
  • Grown in Quebec or Ontario
  • Other names: Dehulled soybeans, peeled soybeans, split soybeans, broken soybeans.
  • Protein level: 37 to 43% (dry matter basis)
  • Packaging: 1kg

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