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Organic Hulled Soybeans

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These organic soybeans are dehulled and split to make tempeh and other recipes easier.

Our hulled soybeans are high quality organic beans. Rinse them quickly, and you can start soaking right away!

Finding where to buy dehulled soybeans can be a bit tough, but we’re here to save the day! By buying them ready-to-use, you will save yourself some precious time by eliminating the tricky process of dehulling them by hand (15 to 30 minutes per recipe).

Split and peeled soybeans are also very popular for making various recipes (fermented or not), such as soups, soy milk, soy yogurt, tofu, miso, shoyu and tamari sauce.

Our hulled organic soybeans are bagged in 1kg packs, producing 2kg of tempeh.


  • Ingredient: yellow soybeans from organic farming
  • Grown in Quebec or Ontario
  • Other names: dehulled soybeans, peeled soybeans, split soybeans, broken soybeans
  • Protein level: 37 to 43% (dry matter basis)
  • Packaging: 1kg

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