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PBW Cleaner (Powdered Brewery Wash)

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Powdered Brewery Wash, or PBW, is a must for any fermenter that wants to improve their equipment cleaning!

PBW is a very effective cleaner for removing thick, tough, and encrusted organic waste.

In particular, it can be used to clean equipment that is beyond the reach of a brush or sponge by simply soaking and rinsing.

This blend of active agents is ideal for cleaning equipment after fermentation, such as carboys, narrow-mouthed bottles, and other containers that are difficult to clean.

PBW cleaner is an effective alternative to caustic soda based cleaners and household cleaners.

The powdered brewery wash is safe for the skin as well as stainless steel, rubber, soft metals, and plastics.



  1. Rinse the container or surface to remove as much dirt as possible.
  2. Dissolve 1.5 tbsp. per litre of hot water (may vary depending on the level of dirt).
  3. Rinse well.


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