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Red Raspberry Leaves

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Raspberry leaves are a good alternative to tea in kombucha making!

Rich in tannins that the kombucha scoby loves, the red raspberry leaf can be used as an alternative or complement to tea during the first fermentation.

Since it does not have as much tannin as tea, you will just need to use larger quantities of raspberry leave and brew them longer.

It can also be used to flavour kombucha during the second fermentation for a discreet herbaceous flavour.

In herbal medicine, raspberry herbal tea is used by women to relieve menstruation and facilitate childbirth. Raspberry leaves contain flavonoids that have antispasmodic and tonic properties.

To produce 3 litres of kombucha, brew 25g of raspberry leaves (about 2 cups) for 30 minutes.

An excellent local alternative to tea that makes a 100% local kombucha!

Read more about flavouring fermented beverages with local wild plants.



  • Ingredients: red raspberry leaves (R. idaeus)
  • Weight: 50g
  • Responsibly harvested in Canada (Quebec)

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