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An affordable and accurate refractometer to measure the sugar content of your fermentations, such as kombucha!

A refractometer is a tool used to measure the sugar concentration of a solution.

The optical refractometer is ideal if you want to know the sugar content of a liquid, such as kombucha, kefir, or maple water.

Place a few drops of liquid on this accurate and easy-to-use tool to instantly determine the density of the liquid.

The refractometer works by measuring the refraction of light in a solution. The dual scale reads in Brix and SG (gravity). 1 Brix is equivalent to about 1% sugar.

A refractometer is easier and more accurate than a hydrometer for measuring sugar.

However, a refractometer is not mandatory in kombucha making.

Learn how to measure sugar in your kombucha using a refractometer.



  • Dual reading refractometer (0-32% Brix/Specific Gravity 1.000-1.120) with ATC (automatic temperature compensation) function for accurate readings
  • Pipette
  • Calibration screw
  • Tissue for cleaning
  • User's manual

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