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VitalKal Enzyme Culture on Organic Koji Rice

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Take care of your digestive health with VitalKal, a culture of enzymes and probiotics that can be used as a dietary supplement or a ferment starter!

VitalKal is a fermented organic rice koji culture with a slightly sweet taste, produced in Quebec by Massawippi, an artisanal producer.

After fermenting for more than 50 hours, the koji (fermented rice) obtained is then dried at low temperature, and ground to make a flour rich in enzymes and probiotics.

It contains about sixty useful enzymes, including: α and β amylase, glucoamylase, proteases, pectinase, phosphatase, lipase, lactase, CM-cellulase, acylase, phytase, ligninase, and others.

VitalKal can be used both as an enzyme supplement and as a starter for making various fermentations.


VitalKal as a Starter

The VitalKal is made of an Aspergillus oryzae culture. It acts in the same way as a koji. It is a simpler and faster alternative to using a koji starter culture, such as the koji culture for amazake.

VitalKal can be used to prepare yogurt and vegan cheese, to make your own amazake, or simply to make a light fermentation for making all kinds of food more digestible and tasty.


VitalKal as a Food Supplement

VitalKal can be used directly in food as a supplement, as a raw and organic enzyme culture!

It can be added to everything you eat to improve digestion and nutrient absorption. VitalKal revitalizes and alkalinizes the foods to which it is added.

To use, simply sprinkle it directly on breakfast cereals, soy beverages, rice, almonds, desserts, dairy products, salads, etc.



  • Ingredients: organic rice, Aspergillus oryzae culture
  • Weight: 150g
  • Storage: 2 years in the refrigerator
  • Producer: Aliments Massawippi (Quebec, Canada)

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