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Kombucha Brewing Kit

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Making homemade kombucha is simple, easy, and inexpensive! Our kombucha starter kit includes everything you need to make your own homemade kombucha.

Easily make delicious kombucha for you and your friends, while saving money! Stop paying $3 to $5 for a bottle of commercial kombucha. It's easy and fun to make at home!

This kombucha making kit has taught thousands of new brewers how to make delicious kombucha on their own.

We have carefully perfected every element of the kit, to make your experience simple and enjoyable. Embark on the wonderful journey of home brewing kombucha!

Make your own kombucha with our complete homemade kombucha kit!

Demo of the kombucha kit

Quality Product

  • Durable equipment: Our large jar is made of durable glass, built to last a lifetime. The 100% cotton filter is more durable and efficient than cheesecloth.
  • Quality ingredients: organic green and black tea blend carefully crafted for optimal kombucha by Camellia Sinensis teahouse, comes in compostable bags.
  • Inexpensive: make 6 litres of kombucha, the equivalent of 32 commercial bottles.
  • Simple to use: clear instructions making for an easy experience.
  • The perfect gift for any kombucha fan! The SCOBY can be stored for up to 6 months, allowing you to ship and gift it without worry.

Save money by completing your kit with a kombucha SCOBY lovingly raised in Canada from organic ingredients (reusable and guaranteed by us)!


Two Kombucha Kit Options

Basic Kombucha Kit

Suitable if: you already have a kombucha SCOBY and only want the basics to get started (jar, cotton filter, organic tea, and instructions).

Complete Kombucha Kit

Basic kit + kombucha SCOBY

Suitable if: you are looking for everything you need to get started (most popular option).


What is Included:

Basic Kombucha Kit:

  • Large solid glass jar (3.8L or 1 gallon)
  • Organic tea blend (2 x 12g)
  • Cotton cloth with elastic band
  • Handbook with instructions

Complete Kit

  • All items of the basic kit
  • Fresh kombucha SCOBY (ingredients: kombucha SCOBY and liquid culture, raised in Canada from quality organic ingredients and without GMOs)

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