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Local Kombucha Tea Box

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Yes, it's possible to make local kombucha! Discover the richness of Canada's terroir by making homemade kombucha.

It contains the ingredients needed to produce and flavour your own 100% local kombucha!

Use raspberry and sea buckthorn leaves to ferment the kombucha, and balsam fir buds, chaga, and wintergreen to flavour it.

All these wild and local plants have been responsibly harvested.

To allow you greater flexibility, a bag of our organic kombucha tea blend from Quebec's teahouse Camelia Sinensis is also included.


Canadian Kombucha Recipes

The package includes instructions for making the following recipes:

  • Balsam fir tips kombucha
  • Wintergreen kombucha
  • Chaga and honey kombucha

Dive into the Canadian terroir!


The local kombucha box contains

  • 27g of raspberry leaves*
  • 27g of sea buckthorn leaves*
  • 12g organic black and green tea blend for kombucha
  • 8g balsam fir buds*
  • 12g chaga*
  • 7g wintergreen*
  • Recipe booklet (in French)
  • Coupon for 15% off a Caribou subscription

*Responsibly harvested in Quebec, and Ontario.

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